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Specialist cleaning services in Belfast

We take care of everything from graffiti and chewing gum removal to after builders clean-ups

Meticulous cleaning by experts

Our fully qualified team at Sure Deep Clean specialise in highly effective specialist cleaning services. Whether you would like to clean your new site after construction work or need to get your property's exterior power washed, we are here to help you. Take a look at the available specialist cleaning services we offer.

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Our expert cleaners can help you with:

After builders clean-up
after builders clean-up
Building work such as new builds, renovations and repairs can generate large amounts of dust and debris which can leave the newly created or revamped premises looking untidy. Sure Deep Clean offers a thorough and comprehensive after builders cleaning service to eliminate this dust and debris both internally and externally. This ensures the premises are spotless and ready for use.
Carpet and hard floor deep cleaning
stain marks on the carpet
Most rented carpet cleaning equipment leaves carpets wet with detergent residue. You don’t have to worry when you have Sure Deep Clean. We have a range of carpet cleaning systems to accommodate every situation and price. We use specialist equipment and expertise to remove not only the dirt but shampoo residue and water from your carpet so that it stays cleaner for longer. 
floor cleaning
QUIZ room
Sure Deep Clean has developed regular hard floor cleaning and care systems to ensure the aesthetic appearance of your hard floor is the same as it was on the day it was installed.
High-level cleaning 
interior and exterior building cleaning
Internal and external high-level areas in industrial fabricators, food manufacturers, retail and also leisure facilities are often extremely difficult to maintain. They often require the use of specialist equipment and chemicals to ensure that essential high-level cleaning is carried out in a safe and controlled manner.
Regular high-level cleaning is vital in order to help maintain a high standard of hygiene within your premises. In food manufacturing facilities, it helps reduce the risk of costly product contamination taking place and the resulting spread of infection that can occur. We use high-quality tools and equipment for high-level cleaning.
Food production cleaning 
food production cleaning
Regular deep cleaning of food manufacturing facilities is critical to reducing the risk of pest infestations, unpleasant odours and product contamination.

This contamination can be caused by decomposing food matter, and other deposits, building up between the edges of wall junctions, high-level areas and inside food production machinery.
To help reduce and eliminate the risk of potential infestations occurring, Sure Deep Clean provides a comprehensive deep cleaning service for food manufacturing areas and machinery. This solution ensures all waste food deposits are removed and downtime to your production schedule is reduced to a minimum.
Bin store cleaning 
bin store cleaning
Bin stores are used for collecting rubbish and waste materials and therefore, they are full of unpleasant smells and will have a build up of dirt, liquid, grease and also a lot of harmful germs. Sure Deep Clean uses high-quality disinfectants and solvents for cleaning bin stores. They are also deodorised so that the bins can be reused without worrying about bad odours.
Fire damage cleaning
The damage fires inflict on businesses and homes is often devastating and can leave premises unusable and uninhabitable for long periods of time. The immediate visual damage caused by a fire can be distressing enough without the secondary effects such as soot odour, health problems and corrosion.
It is essential that fire damage is cleaned up immediately as not only does it cause financial loss, but failure to do so can lead to further deterioration of buildings and equipment. Sure Deep Clean has all the necessary tools and equipment to meticulously clean fire-damaged premises. We are fully compliant with health and safety regulations and ensure your site is not just clean but also safe after our work.
Chewing gum removal 
before and after chewing gum removal
spray cleaning
Carelessly discarded chewing gum can easily become trodden into pavements, carpets and entrance mats. This quickly makes the area look unsightly, dirty and generally leads to a degrading of the surrounding area. The unattractive stains which are left dotted around can also have a negative effect on people’s perception of businesses that leave it untreated within their premises.
Graffiti removal 
graffiti removal
Do you have unsightly graffiti on your walls and fences? Graffiti is an act of vandalism that can be offensive and abusive. The presence of graffiti can also have a negative effect on the surrounding area with visitors less likely to visit. It can also create a bad impression on your potential customers and thereby affect your business. Sure Deep Clean can restore your outdoor space with our graffiti removal service. We use the latest techniques of power washing which helps in clearing graffiti, dirt and debris from your exterior walls.
Power washing 
power washing
floor cleaning by a specialist
We offer a complete power washing service. Whether you need to clean your driveways or would like to remove algae on walls, we can help. Our team of experienced professionals use high-quality tools and advances power washing techniques to clear dirt, grease, paint stains and other debris.
Industrial spills 
Industrial spill
Industrial spills can be extremely dangerous and pose a serious threat to safety to the workers in the factory. These spills can be anything from oils to chemicals. At Sure Deep Clean, we give the highest importance to safety and are fully qualified to clean all types of stains including industrial spills. We use superior quality solutions to clear all types of stains and deposits. Also, we are known for our fast turnaround. Our team works promptly so that you don’t have downtime in your industrial operations.
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