Specialist Disinfection Services

Specialist disinfection services

We provide thorough cleaning before and after disinfecting flood damaged premises and healthcare facilities

Intensive cleaning solutions

We offer effective decontamination and deep cleaning service for all types of health care establishments, factories and other commercial properties. All our cleaning materials are of high-quality and are procured from reliable manufacturers for your peace of mind. Browse through our gallery to get an idea of our specialist disinfection services. Our services are available are in Belfast and in surrounding areas.
Intensive cleaning solutions
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Our specialist disinfection services include:

Flood damage clean-up
fire, smoke, water and mold
Floods can happen at any time and can have a devastating effect. They are caused by the rising of groundwater levels, burst water drains, hillside run-off from sudden rainfall and flooding from the overflowing of rivers and seas.
Flood water can cause varying degrees of damage depending on its severity. Floors, walls, furniture, soft furnishings and even building structures can be affected.

After a flood, it is vital that the premises are assessed immediately and that all water affected items are removed and dried quickly. This helps to prevent and reduce any further structural damage occurring whilst limiting the chance of mould growth developing which can lead to health issues arising such as asthma and pneumonia.

Flood water can often contain hazardous sewage as excess water entering the sewers can cause them to rupture.
Sure Deep Clean understands the importance of dealing with the damage and harmful remnants that can be left behind after a flood and provides a fast and proficient clean up solution to both commercial and residential property owners.
Healthcare cleaning
fully cleaned area
sink and interiors being cleaned
Poor hygiene in healthcare establishments such as hospitals, care homes dentists, and GP surgeries, can put people’s lives at risk. Infections can spread quickly throughout these areas with devastating consequences.

Healthcare environments have strict legislation surrounding the standards of hygiene that must be maintained. Providing a clean and safe environment ensures the risk to patients from healthcare-associated infections is reduced to a minimum.
To do this, we offer planned, extensive deep cleaning and decontamination services, available for entire wards to high-risk theatre rooms. Utilising our comprehensive deep cleaning methods and innovative fogging technology, cleaning and disinfection is completed with minimal disruption and downtime to your procedures.
Infection Control 
infection control cleaning
We work closely with healthcare facilities and similar establishments where infections spread quickly. Our focus is to use excellent cleaning solutions in order to control infection and to keep your surroundings clean, hygienic and well-maintained.
Odour removal 
odour removal cleaning
Bad odour leaves a bad impression on your visitors. Whether there is a strong odour from your commercial kitchen or from your dishwasher, we can clean it for you.
Washroom deep cleaning 
washroom deep cleaning
Public places such as offices, restaurants, hotels, bars, schools and health care centres usually have common wash areas. With many people using common washrooms, it is very important to pay extra attention to keeping them clean. Our qualified staff can help. We use excellent cleaning solvents and the latest cleaning methods to clean faucets, bidets and other washroom fixtures.
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